Wayne Leal - The Art of Exercise

Wayne Leal - The Art of Exercise

Wayne Leal
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About AWayne LealRWayne LealT (Age Related Training)

The AWayne LealRWayne LealT of exercise is the closest you can get to the 'Fountain of Youth' and 'Self Mastery' without injury, frustration and failure.
When The Times newspaper journalist Robert Crampton wrote about the boxer Darren Barker, he said: 'If Barker really has discovered the holy grail of physical conditioning, stamina and strength without having to run or lift weights, he will be a very popular man indeed.'

Darren adopted the AWayne LealRWayne LealT exercise programme - 3 interchangeable 30-minute mind and body exercise programs - and went on to become World Middleweight Boxing Champion, saying:
"A Wayne Leal R Wayne Leal T made me into a world champion" .

Bad habits mean both men and women do the same exercise they were doing in their early years because like Barker its what they know or have seen others doing. But it is not necessarily right for their bodies that have reached their physical peak causing them to become more injury prone, lose muscle mass and for the average person get heavier at the same time.

AWayne LealRWayne LealT cultivates mental and physical awareness into a unique method of training without the customary pain and accompanying boredom. It encompasses a trio of fitness staples: aerobics, strength training, and flexibility. To raise your heart rate, increases muscle endurance and create muscle suppleness.
Fundamentally the purpose of the AWayne LealR Wayne LealT of exercise is about Self-Mastery as opposed to a preoccupation with Self-Appearance.


AS WE AGE, the workout choices we make in our 20s and 30s will have an impact on our lives when enter OAP status. Young adulthood typically covers the period from 20-35 years of age, when both biological function and physical performance reach their peak. Middle-age (35-45 years), is when physical activity usually slows, with a 5-10 kg accumulation of body fat. During later middle-age (45-65 years), women reach the menopause, and men also substantially reduce their output of sex hormones. In early old age (65-75 years), the decline in physical condition continues and may accelerate. By middle old age (75-85 years), many people have developed some physical disability, and in the final stage (very old age, over 85 years) they become totally dependent on others.

Muscle Strength - AQUA
Strength peaks around 25 years of age, plateaus through 35 or 40 years of age, and then shows an accelerating decline, with 25% loss of peak force by the age of 65 years. Muscle strength can be greatly improved with resisted AQUA training at any age. The wasting of lean tissue can be avoided by regular water resistance exercise making it possible that muscle strength and flexibility of a fit 65-year-old can out-perform a sedentary 25-year-old with the right exercise decisions.

Flexibility - YOGA
The elasticity of tendons, ligaments and joint capsules decrease, adults lose some 8-10 cm of lower-back and hip flexibility. Flexibility can be conserved or improved with a regular YOGA practice that takes the main joints through their full range of motion each day. If muscle weakness and arthritis are already advanced, exercise is best carried out in warm water. Also the waters buoyancy supports body-weight, and warmth increases the immediate flexibility of the joints.

Bone Structure - REBOUNDER
Rebounding is a great load-bearing exercise that can halt and sometimes even reverse bone mineral loss. Offering excellent training stimulus with a much smaller impact stress on the knees. It cannot restore tissue that has already been destroyed, but it can protect you against a number of the chronic diseases of old age. More importantly it can reduce your biological age by as much as 20 years. With regular REBOUNDING exercise your life expectancy is increased, partial and total disability are delayed, and there are major gains in quality-adjusted life expectancy. Therefore this form of exercise is a very important component of healthy living.

AWayne LealRWayne LealT AQUA

THIS FORM OF training was a key feature in helping Darren Barker achieve his dream to become a World Champion.

It is the ultimate isotonic exercise that moves a fixed amount of resistance through a specific range of motion. No matter how fast you move, the resistance stays the same. The result is a more consistent and controlled resistance compared to free weights or fixed weight machines.

The water’s buoyancy creates natural instability and water’s increased density offers enhanced levels of resistance that both assist and resist movement.

The major benefit to exercising in the water is the protection it offers for your joints as opposed to when you train your body on land where there is an impact on your joints. Wayne trains all of his professional athletes in the water because their muscles are forced to work harder and as a consequence they can burn fat faster and tone the muscles quicker than gym exercising.

AWayne LealRWayne LealT YOGA

AN ATHLETIC MIXED yoga routine that consists of 26 movements, based on focus, breath awareness, flexibility and muscle suppleness.

Wayne’s yoga approach is not traditional, he teaches a form of Yoga Asana that is more akin to strength training to make the mind and body strong.

His sequence works the entire body giving you a wide range of movements: forward bend, back bend, stillness, lengthening the spine, grounding the feet, strengthening the upper body, stretching the hamstrings, expanding the lungs and more.

Wayne says; 'This is why Yoga Asana is a great way to work the mind and body to centre and quiet our wandering mind. Binding your breath with every movement and having a breath associated with it: inhale when going up, and exhale when going down. This is about developing a connection to your core and vertical alignment. It is the integration of focus, alignment, strength and fluidity, whilst challenging co-ordination and concentration.'

AWayne LealRWayne LealT REBOUNDER

REBOUNDING IS THE best low impact, high-energy training program that can exercise every cell in your body at nearly 100 times each minute. Furthermore, 20 minutes on the rebounder is the equivalent to one hour of jogging.

10 Anti ageing effects of Rebound Exercise:
  • Reduces body fat
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Improves body agility
  • Improves balance and coordination
  • Increases aerobic capacity
  • Increased lymphatic circulation
  • Improves overall metabolism
  • Lowers blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Enhances digestion and elimination processes
  • Rebound exercise can be done anywhere

Rebound training is gravity in reverse with proven benefits for injury, rehabilitation. The exercise is a natural energy booster that has been proven by champion athletes to make them fitter, stronger and faster.
While you are bouncing, your entire body literally has the weight of the world off its shoulders. Many people swear that they look and feel younger, their skin has better overall texture and their circulation is improved.

AWayne LealRWayne LealT RETREAT

THIS RETREAT IS about reclaiming your health alongside others sharing in the experience of being completely immersed in the mind, body and spirit lifestyle. Over this retreat your will experience change that wipes away the bloated, weighty repercussions of life to leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

AWayne LealRWayne LealT's mindfull approach to exercise recognises that we've all had moments when what we do just flows from us effortlessly. Generally at these times our mind is quiet and focused. We have also experienced times when everything we do seems difficult.

Most human behaviour is habitual, ART reframes your habitual responses and re-engineers your motivation towards mental awareness and physical fitness. This is not a universal standard of living, its goal is to develop your physical motivation to change the way you think and help you become the person you want to be.

1 in 5 people are experiencing stress.
1 in 3 suffer with a back problem.
2 in 3 need to lose some weight.

The number of obese people in England have tripled in the past two decades; around a fifth (21%) of men and a quarter (24%) of women are now obese whilst almost 24 million adults are now overweight or obese. What makes the difference to change negative behavioural habits is learning how to feel strong in your mind as well as your body. You need to have belief in yourself to control disruptive or negative thinking. Our physical state directly affects our mental and emotional well-being. This is about how we feel, think and behave. Looking after your state of mind is as important as taking care of your body.

In just 2 days you can feel
the benefits of feeling lighter,
leaner fitter and healthier.


WAYNE LÈAL: Guest Speaker, Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Published Author and Yoga Magazine columnist. Believes that getting into the best shape of your life is the ultimate way to reward yourself.

AWayne LealRWayne LealT works for people of all ages from Canadian Olympic skier Erin Mielzynski and former World Middleweight Boxing Champion Darren Barker. To a 70-year old female client who once stood hunched, now stands upright and 83-year-Sir Christopher Benson who lost three inches from his waistline to fit in a cockpit seat to take part in VE day.

Wayne knows what it takes to unlock the potential of both women and men. He says; ‘every challenge and success story starts with a simple goal: lose weight, build muscle, get in shape for a wedding or just feel better’. From personal experiences he also knows about body rehabilitation and overcoming physical pain having dislocated both my shoulders, had hip surgery and four major knee operations from motorbiking and competitive sport.

Finally, with over thirty years experience his one-to-one training and group workshops will help you to achieve your goal.

AWayne LealRWayne LealT Personal Training

'AWayne LealRWayne LealT' (Personal Training). A course of 10 sessions will provide you with a foundation to understand the exercise movements. You choose the number of sessions for the disciplines of your choice to meet your particular goal.
Getting the most from your training is important; you can enjoy an intensive Rebound or pool training session one day and an invigorating one-to-one yoga session the next.
JumpSport Semi-Private Classes

These High Intensity rebound classes are a maximum of four people per class and run an hour. To sign up, simply submit an email with the times you would like to train. You can switch times each week but you must send a new email.

Daily Class Times
10:00 - 11:00
18:00 - 19:00
12:30 - 13:30 (Saturdays)
Group Yoga Class

This class is takes place on Saturdays 11-12pm for beginners and intermediate practitioners its typically 60 minutes in length.
Classes take place at St Johns Church North End Road London SW6 1PB Nearest tube stations: Fulham Broadway (2 minutes walk) Buses: 11,14, 28, 211, 295, 391 and 414 Nearest Barclays cycle hire station: Fulham Broadway station. Parking: There is all day metered parking (£1.50ph).
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11 Salisbury Pavement Dawes Road
Fulham SW6 7HT
Telephone 0207 386 0555
Nearest tube stations: Fulham Broadway (8 minutes walk), Parsons Green (8 minutes walk)
Nearest over ground station: West Brompton train station (15 minutes walk)
Buses: 211, 295
Parking: There is all day metered parking (£1.50ph)