THE MAYO CLINIC confirms that training in water is the ultimate resistance exercise - unique because it's low impact but simultaneously intense because of the water resistance. It is deemed the best exercise environment for all abilities and levels of fitness.

PSYCHOLOGICALLY, it improves self-esteem, and lowers stress levels. There is also a sense of accomplishment as you master how to do it.

PHYSICALLY, it is a total body workout requiring activation and stabilisation of all your muscles. You can burn 30 percent more calories than you would practicing the same workout on land.


THIS IS A very deeply focused training practice, to paraphrase Buddha this practice, is the non-practice, the attainment of non-attainment. There is a Buddha in everyone and the water resistance when walking in water helps us to understand the interconnectedness of our bodies and our minds, and it can feel supremely challenging and easy at the same time.


WATER ADAPTS ITS form according to the way you move. When you exercise in the water every muscle, sinew has to react to the resistance of water: 600 times denser and up to 20 times the resistance of air. The fluid movements improve the body's alignment, posture, strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, as well as being a high-calorie burn program.

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