JUMPGA FITNESS TRAINING is the closest you will get to an exercise pill. It improves functional movement, cardio, strength and flexibility; all inspired by yoga. This is not about going to the gym three days a week and doing the same thing over and over because you don’t even need a gym.
Jumpga is a combination of Yoga Asana and Plyometric exercise (jumping on a rebounder). The meld of exercises from the orient and the occident is a collective approach to achieving mind and body harmony. It is being taught by trainers at the UK’s most iconic spa Champneys, where booking demand for classes makes JumpGa one of their most sought-after classes.

  1. Cardiovascular & Respiratory Endurance
  2. Balance
  3. Muscular Endurance
  4. Muscular Strength
  5. Flexibility and Mobility

LOUISE DAY, Champneys Wellness Director says; 'I see more fitness choices than ever before. HIIT or resistance workouts? Calisthenics or virtual boxing? Wellness or mindfulness? Group fitness classes have evolved markedly in recent years, and this is reflected in the wide range of group classes we offer at Champneys.
My job is to choose a training programme that has a wider future of people's physical and mental fitness. I see JumpGa as the complete training programme that will take exercise to a new level because it’s a total body programme that can be adapted to all ages and levels of fitness'.


JUMPING ON A rebounder is a low impact, full body, weight bearing exercise that ensures optimal health and fitness. The rebounder removes 85% of the impact that your joints would otherwise experience if you did the same sets of exercises (star jumps, squats, running on the spot) on solid ground. And since, logically, you work harder on a springy surface than a solid one such as a treadmill, you burn up 100 more calories for every 10 minutes you spend bouncing up and down.

As you are weightless for a few seconds at the top of each bounce, the gravitational pull that comes into force as you come down again multiplies the resistance, puts all the cells and muscles under a consistent rhythmic pressure and hence strengthens and tones the entire body.

When Southampton and England Left back Ryan Bertrand did JumpGa he said; "It's raised a few eyebrows in the changing room" he admitted. "I was looking to increase my speed, strength and explosiveness... In football, it's all about short sharp bursts enabling me to get from A to B as quickly as possible."


SITTING IS THE NEW smoking and sitting over a keyboard for hours can contribute to tightness in the hips and legs, in addition to the neck, shoulder and back pain and discomfort. The very antithesis of yoga asana.

Using the rebounder as a prop during yoga sequences enable you to feel the benefits of the postures regardless of your level of flexibility, age or physical condition. It can help you access postures you might not otherwise be able to do. It will help modify the poses as you learn the fundamentals of yoga. For example, placing your hand on the rebounder in the Half Moon pose can help you to lengthen the spine and deepen the stretch. Or laying on the rebounder can strengthen your lumbar spine in poses like Bridge.

Using the rebounder as a prop can help practitioners at all levels gain the sensitivity of a pose while receiving the benefits over time without overextending themselves. They allow students to practise the poses and breath control with greater effectiveness, ease, and stability.


JUMPGA WORKS for everyone. The great news for calorie counters is that rebounding puts the numbers firmly on your side. If you weigh 75 kilos and go for a 30-minute jog, the energy you expend will be equal to about 175 calories. The same time spent doing JUMPGA cardio burns 205 calories - and it's much more fun!

Good habits can be as addictive as bad ones. Once you've programmed Jumpga as a new exercise routine, and it becomes a habit, keeping to your perfect weight will become much easier.

The best thing about JUMPGA is the increases in your metabolism enabling you to burn more fat during rest. This happens because JUMPGA triggers a reaction called Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC).

What is EPOC and its effect?

JUMPGA training pumps your heart rate up as close to maximum as you can bear, thus increasing your body's need for oxygen. The body then does its best to overcompensate for the oxygen deficit during the recovery intervals and even after the workout session ends. Studies have shown that the effects of EPOC last for up to 36 hours after the workout session. This means you will be burning extra calories whilst at rest for a day-and-a-half following your JUMPGA session.



SAY GOODBYE TO a static plank, the PLANK PRESS is a body-altering, core-stabilising move that works the core in a way that few other moves can touch.


1. Start in a high plank position. Place hands firmly flat on the rebounder, directly under shoulders. Ground toes into the floor to stabilize your lower half. Brace core (tighten abs as if preparing for to take a punch) entgage glutes and hamstrings, so your entire body is neutral and straight.

2. Rhythmically push the rebounder for 30 seconds, this creates a G force greater than that of the regular plank exercise.

3. Maintain optimal alignment and movement relationships between the pelvis and spine without sagging or arching the spine.

"I was totally blown
away by the JUMPGA
programme. The yoga
mix really helps with
my focus, flexibility
and breathing."

Amy Kilpin

By selecting the top three rebounders on the market we have made buying a rebounder an easier process.
Our jump experts, and existing customers deliver a fair and thorough review to help you in your rebounder purchasing decision. Because people experience rebounders differently – the way you jump, your weight, as well as any existing pains, will make your rebounder experience different to someone else's.
When looking for rebounder choose one with a solid frame, legs that attach firmly, and a good-quality mat. Unlike low cost rebounders that you can purchase in most retail outlets that are not good for your health as you can seriously hurt yourself by using them. Quality Rebounders - usually retail between £200 to £600.


Good quality, sturdy trampolines, with arched legs for added stability. All of the models have either a 250 lbs or a 300 lbs weight limit. On some of their models they offer adjustable mat firmness, which in turn means adjustable bounce.

DOWN- SIDE The JumpSport folding rebounders were difficult to unfold and the hinges were unreliable.

SUMMARY: JumpSport offers a good bounce and relatively good quality. Offering lots of jumping space and the arched legs of better safety.


The Bellicon rebounder comes with Folding or Screw-in Legs, they are completely silent and the bounce is gentle on joints making this helpful for people with back pain. Bellicon offers a variety of bungee strengths, with a weight limit of up to 440 lbs.

DOWN-SIDE Quality comes at a price that puts some potential buyers making the investment. Their price ranges between £300-£700.

SUMMARY: The top-quality Bellicon rebounders come with a starter kit and includes socks and DVDs. You also have the ability to customise your rebounders bounce strength and colour. When the legs are folded back the rebounder fit neatly into a carrying case.


The Trimilin rebounder is the Daddy of rebounding with over 35 years of manufacturing experience. They don't skimp on quality all models have solid-steel frames, polypropylene mats, and they use the best quality bungee cords. They are known for rebounding comfort and are whisper-quiet.

DOWN-SIDE: Their world-wide distribution is not as good as Bellicon or JumpSport making them difficult to purchase. They also have a weight limit of 300lbs.

SUMMARY: Is it for you? On price, it sits nicely between the Bellicon and JumpSport rebounders. If you want a quality trampoline, without the high price tag the Trimilin is probably the one for you.





WAYNE LÈAL has reached the highest level of yoga teaching. He is also a fitness, jumping, martial arts, boxing and NLP trained practitioner. He started combining elements of these disciplines into his training sessions 10 years ago. JUMPGA is a consequence of him overcoming several surgeries and his injuring every major joint in his body via contact sports and motorcycle accidents.

His devotees include a plethora of business professionals and athletes. Including World Champion boxers and Premier League footballers. He has had a successful and varied professional career including being a 'Small Businessman of the Year' award winner and magazine publisher.

He see's exercise as a physical metaphor that teaches you to be still and to look at yourself from the inside out, rather than the outside in:- a means of addressing the self-defeating patterns that are holding you back and ultimately enabling sustainable change in every aspect of your life.


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